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19, norway

chubby-faced creature with a love for pink.

(i don't actually ever wear pink tho)

my eyebrows are pretty good too.

please don't call me cute, cutie cutiepie or w/e, i hate that ew

it's a wonder i'm still on tumblr tbh

most things annoy me

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And here is my face + the upper part of my dress. Notice the strategically placed mole on my upper lip. Hiding a zit.

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  • Content SourcePosted on March 30 2012, 23:50
  • #pin up #red lipstick #ruby woo #red hair #me #fuck yeah tags #femme

    Love this lipstick.

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  • Posted on March 12 2012, 18:33
  • #ruby woo #lipstick #make up #red lipstick #septum piercing #my god this is such an awkward photo #but it was the lesser of two evils (or something like that)

    Bought Ruby Woo. Can’t understand why I didn’t buy it before - it’s the perfect matte red. I love it so much!

    Yay for smudged eye make up!

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  • Posted on November 18 2011, 20:31
  • #mac cosmetics #ruby woo #me