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look at his little tongue 😍

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Content SourcePosted on October 6 2014, 13:26


there are two cats in my room this is honestly a completely ok way to start my day

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Posted on August 18 2014, 12:20

#look at ginger over there's fluffy belly though #he has the best fur i swear #it's like silk #and he makes the smallest noises when you pet him he's so adorable #they both are tbh #cat

too many adventures

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Content SourcePosted on June 27 2014, 13:14

#sunbathing makes everything better #cat

so i wash an old man’s apartment every other friday. i bumped into my cat right when i was leaving today. she followed me, no big deal, she tags along for a while sometimes. today, however, she followed me the entire way, sat her ass down infront of the apartment. okay, she’ll probably leave soon, right? so i go inside. she starts meowing really naggingly?? this lasted for the first 10 minutes, i thought she’d given up and gone home.

after i’d been there for ~40 minutes, she starts howling again. i’m just screaming out the window “it’s ok baby i’ll be there in a minute, fuck”

and when i’m done i go out and she’s so happy to see me holy shit

and then she followed me home again

SO YEA people need to stop saying that cats don’t really love us. i think it’s safe to assume my cat sees me as more than “the feeder”???

Posted on June 27 2014, 12:47

#long ass post #cats rule fuck you #cat

where’d the cat go?

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Posted on May 30 2014, 21:55

#cat #this shit

i can’t believe she’s turning 10 today

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Content SourcePosted on May 23 2014, 13:19

#pls don't die ever :( #cat #my photos

i woke up at 07:30 to something jumping onto my bed, and it was this entitled shit here. nevermind that i was sleeping, right? anyway, i snapped this photo and went back to sleep.

(featuring another cat in the background, can u spot her)

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Content SourcePosted on May 19 2014, 20:21

#cat #my life is cats #there are cats everywhere

my cat being cute by the sea

Content SourcePosted on April 20 2014, 22:27

#not really the BEST photos but she's so cute #she followed us around #sniffing at shells and crabs #my photos #cat

they grow up so fast

Content SourcePosted on April 16 2014, 00:06

#(and adorably) #cat

90% of the photos on my phone are just this little shit being a little shit

Content SourcePosted on February 17 2014, 12:31